Create a new Chef Cookbook and push to Github – Start Here!

Basic steps to get you started.

1) gem install knife-spec

More info about knife-spec –

2) knife cookbook create my-cookbook

Run the above knife command. You will see that the basic cookbook template is created.

** Creating cookbook my-cookbook
** Creating README for cookbook: my-cookbook
** Creating CHANGELOG for cookbook: my-cookbook
** Creating metadata for cookbook: my-cookbook
** Creating specs for cookbook: my-cookbook

3) Create a new repo on your github => Create a new repo.

You can select a Readme or License and make other settings to your new repo. Name the repo as “my-cookbook”

4) git clone

5) Copy all your files created in step 2 to your new git repo

6) git add, git commit, git push

You have a basic template of your cookbook on git!

Note- This is a dummies guide to start with writing Chef Cookbooks. There are better ways to manage cookbooks – try out Berkshelf ( !


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